Napoli Management Group

The Broadcast News Talent Agency

Client Services

As a client of Napoli Management Group, you will receive an extraordinarily high level of service that is unprecedented in the industry. We are interested in forming lasting relationships with our clients.

We work to identify and secure new and more rewarding positions, we negotiate contracts and employment agreements and we critique performance.

Placement Services
The core of our business is placing clients in new positions. We specialize in knowing where the jobs are. Our reputation and status in the industry results in exceptional access to important information and access to confidential job searches. We tap into our network of contacts on a daily basis tracking the needs of the industry. As a result, NMG clients get their work viewed and get the positions.

Negotiating Contracts
We are experts at negotiating contracts and structuring deals. We have negotiated with every major station group, all of the networks and the top people in our industry. We know how to get our clients the best possible financial deal and how to protect their interests.

Critiquing Performance
Performance is the key to success. Our regular review of our clients' work provides concrete and practical advice that can be applied each and every day. We help with everything from delivery, voice quality, writing style to interaction skills. These reviews better prepare our clients for the competitive job market.

Connnecting and Building Contacts
Over the years, we have established contacts with hundreds of managers, corporate executives, general managers, news directors and talent scouts in our industry. Each day our agents are in constant contact with insiders. In addition, we maintain strong relationships with the industry's leading talent consultants, including Talent Dynamics, Frank N. Magid and The Broadcast Image Group. These efforts all lead to maximum exposure for clients of NMG.

At Napoli Management Group, we believe that no matter how much the industry changes, strong talent will remain the most important ingredient in the success of any organization.