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Mike Bothwell


I am proud to be part of a team that understands our industry is in a state of constant change—and we’ll continue to be out in front of those changes for our clients—every step of the way.

When I joined Napoli Management Group in 2016, it was a huge change of life for me. For the first time in more than 23 years, I wasn’t heading into a newsroom each day. Until I walked in the doors of our Beverly Hills offices, I had only known the constant noise, energy, excitement and unpredictability of the eight newsrooms across the US I had worked in.

That all changed when I started at NMG, and now, more than ever, I am even more plugged into the entire industry and can help guide my clients through an ever-changing media landscape.

Prior to becoming an agent, I spent decades working my way up through the local TV industry, holding jobs ranging from part-time news writer through multiple News Director positions in markets large and small. I advanced my career the old-fashioned way, hard work and dedication. My background and recent ND experience makes me uniquely qualified to help guide my clients through their career decisions.

I’ve had tremendous success at NMG using my decades of newsroom experience, market knowledge and hard-earned reputation as a man of my word.

I look to represent the best and brightest out there, people who aren’t afraid to put in the time and effort to take the next step in their career. I am looking for clients that see me as a teammate, and someone who is just as excited about the future as I am.

Our industry will continue to grow, change and adapt to the new ways audiences will consume news. I work very hard to make sure my clients are at the front of the line when those jobs are out there. I’ll always be a newsie at heart! Working for a company like NMG allows me to use all of my skills to help my clients get the job they want. I just wish the Election Night Pizza was better here.