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Al Corral


I’ve led several major market newsrooms as a news director, which gives me and — more importantly, my clients – instant credibility and negotiating power. I’ve been on both sides of the table during countless contract negotiations, so I know how it plays out, when to push, when to hold back, and how to help you walk away with the best compensation package possible. 

When I’m pitching you as new talent to a news director or general manager, or working out the details of your contract, they “get” that I get it.  Working with me will position you for success, whether it’s finding the perfect workplace, or negotiating the deal you deserve. I love to coach talent, hold a mirror up when needed, play devil’s advocate and provide a push when it’s appropriate. I’m direct and will be honest with you about your performance, image and journalism. Some of my clients say I would have made a great life coach. But isn’t that what a good agent should be?

I spent my years as a TV news executive in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, most recently as Vice President of News for Telemundo in LA.

Working in television news was a great ride, and I continue to believe in its power and potential. I also believe in my clients. I’m loyal, responsive to your needs, and I’m keenly aware of the considerable responsibility I have in guiding your career.