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Mike Isenberg


Be unapologetically you.  It allows others to be unapologetically them.”

—Bob Myers, President, GM of the Golden State Warriors

For me, truer words have never been spoken. It’s that authenticity that makes me so proud to join the Napoli Management Group.

If you had told me five years ago that I’d be working as a TV agent, representing news, sports and weather people, I would have literally laughed out loud. But one thing I’ve learned about this business is that you never know what’s going to happen next. Growing up just outside of Boston (aka, The City of Champions), my goal was to either play for the Celtics, or be a local sportscaster. After coming up just short of the NBA (Okay, a lot short!), I was focused on TV.

My father had always told me I should look at producing and/or writing, but I always pushed back, insisting on being in front of the camera. After 6 ½ years in Elmira, NY and Scranton, PA, I took an entry level job at ESPN and spent 10 years climbing the corporate ladder. It was then that I was offered the Coordinating Producer position at Fox Sports Detroit. My 10 years at FSD were terrific, we had some of the best ratings in the country, and I was fortunate enough to earn 11 Michigan Emmy Awards. In my spare time, I also wrote three books (one of which reached the top spot as Michigan’s best-seller).

My dad is no longer with us, but it turned out – as usual – Father Knew Best.

I became an agent by accident – I was coaching a young reporter when she brought up the idea of my representing her. She landed a job, and I had the bug. Joining Napoli Management Group is the best decision of my professional life. The first time I sat with this elite team, it felt like we’d known each other for years. The Napoli brand is unmatched, it stands for excellence, connections and customer service. It’s an honor to be a part of it.