Connecting & Building Contacts

A Network of Professionals at Your Service.

Over the decades, we have established strong relationships with thousands of station managers, corporate executives, general managers, news directors, sports execs, and talent strategy consultants.  In short, we know the people in the know—and that means maximum exposure for our clients. We work hard to introduce you to all the right people, opening doors that other agencies simply don’t have access to.

The NMG team of representatives all have a wealth of experience. While we each represent our own group of talent, we collaborate to maximize our contacts and share the resources that benefit all of our clients. That means guaranteed access to confidential job openings and a wealth of insider info our clients can parlay into bigger, better opportunities.

Think you might be a great fit for NMG? We’re always interested in discussing opportunities with prospective clients. To begin the process simply contact us with a link to your work. We will review it and you will hear back from us if we can be of assistance.