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Mendes J. Napoli

Founder + President

I believe that no matter how much the industry changes, strong talent that knows how to reach an audience will always be in demand. I am proud that over the years NMG has helped guide and direct the successful careers of thousands of great communicators.

When I started Napoli Management Group in 1993, television news was quite different.  Mobile, on-line and social media had yet to be invented.  We sent out video tapes and printed letters.  But not today! Today, we live in a digital, immediate world.  A world that allows us to respond to our clients’ needs every day and to expose them to the top opportunities in the industry.  We are proud that we have grown to become the largest independent broadcast talent representation firm in the country. Ask most anyone in news management, and I am sure they will tell you that Napoli Management Group is a reputable firm that, simply put, understands the business from the inside out.

Prior to starting NMG, I was fortunate to spend more than 23 years working in television station and news management positions.  I began my career at a very young age, as a producer, and got my first news director position at age 25.

I became a station General Manager at age 30 and a corporate VP of News at 32. I ended my station career in 1993 after serving for over five years as Vice President of News for Hubbard Broadcasting and KSTP TV in Minneapolis. During those years, I had the privilege of working for some of the best television stations you could find at the time.

Those years in broadcast news taught me that the most important part of any news organization was and is the on-air talent.  The people in front of the camera represent the station, the community and inform us of the important issues of the day. Today more than ever, helping our clients excel, improve and grow their careers still brings the greatest pleasure to my work every day.  I truly believe that no matter how the news is delivered, those who speak to the audience will always have an important place in our business.